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Essential conditions for a valid contingent contract

  • It must satisfy all the essential conditions of a valid contract
  • The performance of the contingent contract depends upon the happening or non-happening of some future event and the liability to perform a promise in the case of a contingent contract depends upon such events
  • The contingent contract must be based upon an uncertain event. If the event is certain to take place, then it is not a contingent contract
  • The event must be collateral to the contract and it should not form consideration or a part of consideration to the contract.

Note: A collateral event means an event which is not an internal part of the contract but is attached to the contract.



A promises to pay ₹ 10,000 if B finds a house for A on rent. Such a contract is not a contingent contract as the event of finding the house itself is the consideration for the payment to be made.



X promises to give the project of building his house to Y subject the approval of his civil engineer. Such contract is contingent in nature as the approval of the civil engineer is a collateral event to the transaction between X and Y, as it does not form consideration or part of consideration.

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