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Sec 30 Wagering agreements

It is an agreement under which money or money’s worth is payable by one person to another on the happening or non-happening of a future uncertain event. Agreements by way of wager are void. A wager is a game of chance in which winning or losing wholly depends on a specified uncertain event. It is an agreement of betting. Wagering agreements are considered illegal in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat but are considered void in the rest of the country



X promises to Y to pay him ₹ 1000 if Indian Team beats Pakistan Team, in Consideration of which Y promises to pay ₹ 1000 to X, If Pakistan Team beats Indian Team. This agreement is a wagering agreement



X and Y bet regarding the height of Cahrminar in Hyderabad. It is a wagering agreement, if none of them knew its height. Even though it is not an uncertain event.

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