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Meaning of Remedy

A remedy is the course of action available to an aggrieved party (i.e. the party not at fault) for the enforcement of his right under a contract. The party committing a breach of contract is called the ‘guilty’ or ‘defaulting’ party and the other party is called the ‘injured’’ or ‘aggrieved’ party.


Bhushan entered into a contract with Shyam for supply of 500 pen at rupees 5 per pen. On the date of performance, Bhushan attempted to deliver the goods, but Shyam did not accept the goods. In this case, Shyam is the guilty party or defaulting party and Bhushan is the injured or aggrieved party.

In case of breach of contract, the aggrieved party would have one or more, but not all, of the following remedies against the guilty party. These remedies will be enforced through the Court, if there is no resolution of the conflict between the parties themselves. The remedies are:
  • Rescission of a contract
  • Suit for damages
  • Suit for quantum meriut
  • Suit for specific performance
  • Suit for injunction

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