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  • The general rule in the contract of sale is that ‘the risk prima facie passes with the ownership’
  • In case of specifi c goods, the ownership of the goods is transferred from the seller to the buyer at the time of making the contract
  • When the contract is for the sale of entire goods and nothing remains to be done to the goods by the seller to ascertain the price then the ownership in them passes to the buyer immediately
  • The term sale on approval may be defi ned as the sale in which the buyer may return the goods within a reasonable time, if the goods do not serve his purpose
  • If a voidable contract is put to an end before the sale is made, then the buyer will not get a valid title
  • The term agreement to buy means the buyer has agreed to buy the goods and he is bound to buy the same
  • Latin maxim Nemo dat quod non habet means “no one can pass a better title than what he has”
  • In case of sale on approval basis, the property of the goods remains with the seller till the expiry of the fi xed time or reasonable time

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