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The features of 8279 are given below:
  • Simultaneous keyboard and display operations
  • Scanned keyboard mode
  • Scanned sensor mode
  • Strobed input entry mode
  • 8-character keyboard FIFO
  • 2-key lockout or N-key rollover with contact debounce
  • Dual 8- or 16-numerical display
  • Single 16-character display
  • Right or left entry 16-byte display RAM
  • Mode programmable from CPU
  • Programmable scan timing
  • Interrupt output on key entry
  • Different Display modes
    • 8-8 bit Character Display-left entry
    • 16-16 bit Character Display-left entry
    • 8-8 bit Character Display-right entry.
    • 16-16 bit Character Display-right entry.

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