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Table : Performance characteristics of ADC0800
Parameters Maximum value
Non-Linearity +2 LSB
Differential Non-Linearity +½ LSB
Zero Error +2 LSB
Zero Error Temperature Coefficient 0.01%/ºC
Full-Scale Error +2 LSB
Full-Scale Error Temperature Coefficient 0.01%/ºC
Input Leakage current 1 μA
Clock Frequency 800KHz
Clock Pulse Duty Cycle 60%
TRI-STATE Enable/Disable Time 1 μs
Start Conversion Pulse 3½ clock pulse
Power Supply Current 20 mA


Schematic diagram of ADC
Table : Performance characteristics of ADC80
Parameters Maximum value
Linearity error 0.01%
Differential Non-Linearity +½ LSB
Full-Scale Error Temperature Coefficient 30 ppm/ºC
Conversion time 25 μs
Analog input voltage +2.5 V, +5 V, +10 V, 0 to 5 V, 0 to10 V
Digital output format Unipolar and bipolar
Power loss 800 mW

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