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Comparison Of 8085 And 8080A

 Table : Comparision between 8085 and 8080A

Parameters 8085 8080A
Power supply +5 V +5 V, –5 V and +12 V
Functional microprocessor One 8085 IC with latch and gates One 8080A, one 8224 and one 8228
Clock pulse One φ Two  φ1 φ2
Clock frequency 3 MHz 2 MHz
Address bus 16-bit address lines lower-order address bus is multiplexed with data bus 16-bit address lines
Data bus 8-bit data lines 8-bit data lines. Data and status information are multiplexed
Interrupt Five lines One line
Extra features Serial I/O lines  
Status The lines S0, S1 and IO/M Complex procedure to generate status information
Instruction set 74 instructions 72 instructions

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