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Usually, the following directives are commonly used in the assembly-language programming.

DB: Define Byte

DW: Define Word

DQ: Define Quadword

DT: Define Ten Bytes

ASSUME: Assume Logical Segment Name

END: End of Program

ENDP: End of Procedure

ENDS: End of Segment

EQU: Equate

LABEL: Label

LENGTH: Byte Length of a Label

NAME: Logical Name of a Module

OFFSET: Offset of a Label

ORG : Origin

PROC: Procedure

SEG: Segment of a label


Norton Editor


Norton's Editor's opening page

Norton's Editor with file name ABC.ASM




Norton's Editor opens a file ABC.ASM


Program for subtraction of two numbers in Norton's Editor

MASM Editor

MASM Opening Page


MASM Opening Page



Status Flags

Status Flags for RESET and SET


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