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High-Level Language




Compiler Interpreter

Compiled programs execute much faster.

Interpreted programs are slower because translation takes time.


Compilation is usually a multi-step process.

Interpretation translates in one step.


Compilers do not require space in memory when programs run.

Interpreters must be in memory while a program is running.

It is costlier than an interpreter, and

suitable for a larger system.

It is cheaper, and suitable for a smaller system.



Advantages of High-Level Languages


High-level languages have the following advantages:

  1. In high-level languages, the programs are written using instructions and each instruction is very clear for a specified operation.
  2. Writing programs in high-level languages is very easy and fast. These languages are suitable for large programs and for developing large projects.
  3. Programs are portable in high-level languages and can be executed in any standard.
  4. Complex mathematical computation is possible in these languages.
  5. Report writing and documentation are simple in high-level languages.
  6. The program is independent of the internal architecture of the microprocessor structure. The programs are problem oriented and can run in any standard computer.

Disadvantages of High level Languages


High-Level Languages High-level languages have the following disadvantages:

  1. Each high-level language has a standard syntax and specified rules to write programs.
  2. Each statement of a high-level language is equivalent to many instructions in machine language. Therefore, the execution time of programs written in high-level languages is more and to reproduce results, it also takes more time. So the high-level language speed is slow compared to assembly language.
  3. Hardware and software supports are required.
  4. Large volume of data is to be processed in high-level language and programs in high-level language require large memory so that memory utilization is less.
  5. To translate a high-level language program into a machine language program, a compiler is required. Sometimes, compilers are very costly.

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