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Machine Language

These programming languages are classified into three general types as given below:

  • Machine languages
  • Assembly languages
  • High-level languages

The Machine language has the following advantages:

  1. This is suitable for small and simple programs.
  2. This program execution is very fast and requires less computation time.
  3. Generally, this language is suitable for prototype applications in the final product.

The disadvantages of machine-language programs are the following:

  1. A program written in machine code is a set of binary numbers. Therefore, program writing is difficult and time consumable.
  2. It is also very difficult to understand the program, which is written in machine language or hexadecimal form.
  3. Since the program is always written in 0s and 1s, each bit has to be entered individually. Time taken for data entry becomes very slow and tiresome.
  4. There is always some possibility of errors in writing programs. Even a single bit error in any instruction can generate unsatisfactory results.
  5. Programs are long.

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