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Applications Of Microcontrollers


Nowadays microcontrollers are most commonly used in industrial and household applications. The major areas of applications are as follows:

  • Measurement of any physical quantity such as pressure, force, velocity, acceleration, displacement, force, stress, strain, and water level
  • Microcontroller-based laboratory instruments to measure voltage, current, phase angle, power factor, frequency, resistance, power, and energy, etc.
  • Robot-arm position control
  • Angular speed measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • dc motor and stepper motor control
  • Induction motor control
  • Traffic light control system
  • Automobile applications
  • Household appliances such as washing machine, light control, camera, TV, VCR and video games, etc.
  • Office equipments such as photocopying machines, telephones, fax machines, printers, and security system, etc.

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