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Microprocessor Applications


The applications of microprocessors are given below:

  • Toys Robots, remote-controlled cars, and hand held games.
  • Simple Applications Microwave ovens, telephone diallers, smart thermostats, shortwave scanners, and TV remote controls.
  • Complex Intelligent Product Controllers VCR control and programming, security systems, and lighting system controllers
  • Computer Peripherals Video display, higher-speed printers, modems, plotters, and communication controllers.
  • Industrial Controllers Robotics, processing control, sequence control, and machine tool control.
  • Instruments Logic analysers, communication analysers, disk drive testers, digital oscilloscopes, and smart voltmeters.
  • Communications Data, voice, mobile, electronic switching, and routing.
  • Automatic Test Equipment Automatic test equipment at all levels from development, fabrication, component testing assembly, PCB, module and system testing.
  • Electrical Power System Data acquisition, logging, protection, metering, control and processing, automatic control of generators voltage and fuel control of furnaces in a power plant.
  • Industrial Process Control Instrumentation, monitoring and control, data acquisition, logging and processing.
  • Household Appliances Cooking ovens, and washing machines.
  • Medical Electronics Quick patient check up, diagnosis, blood analysis, ECG, etc.
  • Database Management Word processing, database management, and storing information.


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