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Electricity is produced as a result of redox reaction in a device known as electrochemical cell. When electricity is passed through a solution of certain substances, a redox reaction occurs in a device called electrolytic cell.
Electrochemistry is the branch of chemistry which deals with the inter-relationship between chemical and electrical energy.

Electrolytic Conduction/Electrolysis

Substances which allow electricity to pass through them are called conductors, whereas those which do not allow electricity to pass through them are called insulators.
Compounds which conduct electricity in solution or in the fused state are called electrolytes, whereas those which do not conduct electricity are called non-electrolytes.
The process of conduction of electricity through a chemical compound in an aqueous solution or in the molten state accompanied by a chemical change is called electrolysis. The arrangement required to carry out electrolysis is called an electrolytic cell.

Applications of Electrolysis

The process of electrolysis finds applications in various fields. Some of them are electroplating, metal extraction, refining of metals and electrochemical analysis.
  1. Electroplating: The process of plating a thin layer of one metal over the other with the help of electric current is called electroplating.
  2. Electrorefining of metals: It is the process of purifying metals by electrolysis.
  3. Electrotyping: The impressions of various letters or numbers required in a printing press are made up of either wax or plaster of paris. Later these are made tough by filling them with some hard metal or an alloy-like type metal (composed of lead 50–86%, antimony 11–30%, tin 3–20%).
  4. Electrometallurgy: Manufacture of sodium.
Electrochemical Cell
An electrochemical cell is a device used to convert chemical energy produced in a redox reaction into electrical energy. It is also called galvanic cell or voltaic cell. Daniel cell is an example of galvanic cell.

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