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Introduction to Biotechnology

Cytology, microbiology, genetics and biochemistry are various branches of biology. Infusion of these branches of biology with modern technology has resulted in a new branch of science called biotechnology.

The application of technology in the field of biology has been substantially increasing since the 20th century. Biotechnology is being developed at a greater pace in the recent times. There has been substantial encouragement for biotechnology in developing nations including India.


The science of applying biological processes is called biotechnology. According to European Federation of Biotechnology, 1981, biotechnology is defined as follows:

A synthetic or integrated science which utilises the knowledge of microbiology, biochemistry and chemical engineering in tapping the innate behaviour of microbes, cultured cells or tissues for technological applications

The application of biological organisms, system or processes to manufacturing and service industries is called biotechnology. The term biotechnology was first used in Britain in 1920.

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