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Resource Planning In India

Resources are vital for our survival. Diversity of resources is noticed from region to region. Unequal distribution of resources occurs over the whole country. There is a need for balanced resource planning at the national, state, regional and local levels.

Plan for appropriate technology, skill and institutional set-up to implement resource development plans is required. Resource development plans in an area must match with the national development plans. In India, there are many regions which are resource-rich but are economically backward, such as the Chota Nagpur Plateau area in Jharkhand. Contrary to this, there are some regions which have a poor resource base but are economically developed. The history of colonisation reveals that the presence of rich resources had attracted the colonial powers towards some countries. India’s resources were exploited by the colonial rulers who established their reign over India for centuries. Appropriate technological development to utilise resources in a sustainable manner, institutional changes, quality of skilled human resources and historical experience of the people are necessary in a country like India for optimum exploitation and utilisation of resources.

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