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Democratic Government in Chile

Salvandor Allende was elected the President of Chile, a country in South America. He was the founder of Socialist Party of Chile. On being elected as the President, he pursued socialist policies, which made him more enemies and his government was overthrown in 1973 through a military coup.

Military Coup of 1973 in Chile

General Pinochet was the leader of the coup. The Government of America was unhappy with Allende’s rule and is known to have supported and funded the activities that led to the coup.

Pinochet became the President of the country and ruled it for the next 17 years. His government tortured and killed several of those who supported Allende and those who wanted democracy to be restored.


Restoration of Democracy in Chile

General Pinochet decided to hold a referendum hoping to get ‘yes’ vote in 1988. But the people of Chile had not forgotten their democratic traditions. People voted against him and his government lost power. Since then Chile is ruled by elected governments.


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