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Democracy in Poland


Poland was ruled by the Polish united workers in 1980. It was a Communist Party and no other party had any space in Poland’s polity. Those who spoke against the leaders of party or the government were put in prison. The Government of Poland was supported and controlled by the Government of Soviet Union (USSR).


In 1980, workers of Lenin Shipyard went on strike. Lech Walesa emerged as the leader of the workers. He formed ‘solidarity’, an independent trade union. The government banned solidarity. The strike began to spread across the whole city. The workers wanted the right to form independent trade unions. They also demanded the release of political prisoners and an end to censorship on press. With a series of strikes in 1988, an agreement was reached with solidarity to hold free elections. Solidarity won the elections with thumping majority and Walesa became the President of Poland.

Thus, in both the above-mentioned non-democratic governments, the following points can be considered:

  • The people could not choose or change their rulers.
  • There was no real freedom to express one’s opinions, form political associations and organise protests and political action.

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