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Kinds of Motion

Motion of any body in this universe is a combination of two basic types of motion. These are

Translation: It is the motion along a line (straight line or curve).
For example, motion of a train between two stations, motion of a ball from the bowler to the batsman, motion of a plane from one city to another, etc.

Rotation: It is the circular motion of a rigid body about an axis.
For example, rotation of tyres of a car, rotation of blades of a fan, rotation of earth about its axis, spinning of a top, etc.

If a body repeats its motion (translation or rotation or both) over a period of time, it is said to be oscillating or vibrating. Thus, oscillation is to-and-fro motion of a body between two points.
For example, oscillation of swing, oscillation of simple pendulum, fluttering of leaves, vibration of string of a musical instrument, etc.

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