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Gender division is a form of hierarchical social division. It is often understood as natural and unchangeable.


Sexual division of labour is a system in which all work inside home is either done by the woman or the family or organised by them through domestic helpers.


The result of this division of labour is that although woman constitute half of humanity, their role in public life especially politics is minimal in most of the societies.


For long, women were not given the right to vote. It was only after a prolonged struggle for equal rights that women got the right to vote.


More radical women’s movements aimed at equality in personal and family life as well. These movements are called feminist movements. In Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland, the participation of women in public life is very high.

Our country is still a male-dominated patriarchal society. The following points support this view:


  1. The literacy rate among women is only 54 per cent compared with 76 per cent among men.
  2. Smaller proportion of girl students go for higher studies.
  3. Less wages are paid to women for the same work.
  4. Decline in sex ratio (933).

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