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Alternate Letters

When one letter is skipped between two letters, they are called alternate letters. For example, A, C, E, G, I are known as alternate letters.
Similarly, (i) K, M, O, Q, S, U; (ii) B, D, F, H, J, L are said to be alternate letters.

After Z in the cyclic order, A will occur. So, Y and A are known as alternate letters.
In questions on this topic, a letter series is given, with one or more terms missing. Students are required to complete the series by choosing the correct choice from the given options.
We use the following signs while analysing the pattern followed by letter series.





Next letter

Description: 25002.png 


Previous letter

Description: 25043.png 


One letter skipped forward

Description: 25059.png 


One letter skipped backward (Previous letter)

Description: 25072.png 


Two letters skipped forward

Description: 25080.png 


Two letters skipped backward

Description: 25091.png 

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