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Worked Examples

Find the missing terms in the following letter series.
A C F J ___.
  1. K
  2. M
  3. N
  4. O
It is an alphabetical progression. Between A and C, one letter B is skipped, between C and F, two letters D and E are skipped. Between F and J, three letters (G, H and I) are skipped. Hence, after J we should skip four letters K, L, M and N to get the correct answer. So, the missing letter is O.
The pattern can be indicated as under:
Description: 25138.png
Answer: (4)
S C T B V A ___ Z C.
  1. X
  2. Y
  3. Z
  4. A
It is a mixed series. The letters at the odd-numbered positions form one series and the letters at the even-numbered positions form another series.
Consider the letter series S T V ___ C. In this series, between S and T, no letter is skipped. Between T and V, one letter U is skipped. Hence, after V, we should skip two letters W and X to find the missing letter. Therefore, the answer is Y.
After Y, if we skip three letters (i.e., Z, A and B), we get the letter C which is the next letter of the series.
The other series is C B A Z. These are all consecutive letters in the reverse order. The pattern can be indicated as follows:
Description: 25168.png
Answer: (2)
  1. QUR
  2. RQR
  3. RUS
  4. SUR
In this problem, each term contains three letters. One letter is skipped forward between the first letters of the consecutive terms. Three letters are skipped forward between the second letters of the consecutive terms. One letter is skipped backward between the third letters of the consecutive terms. The pattern followed is indicated here.
Description: 25183.png
On applying the same pattern, the missing term is found to be RQR.
Answer: (2)
4. L O J Q H S ___.
  1. F
  2. V
  3. X
  4. U
It is a mixed series. Letters O, Q and S are in the right order with one letter skipped in between them. Letters L, J and H are in the reverse order with one letter skipped in between them.
Description: 25195.png
On applying the above pattern, we notice that the missing term is F.
Answer: (1)
  1. JTD
  2. KUE
  3. KVE
  4. JUE
Each term contains three letters. Observe the number of letters skipped between the respective letters of each term. We notice that four letters are skipped between respective letters of consecutive terms.
Description: 25227.png
Thus, the missing term is KUE.
Answer: (2)
  1. PUQ
  2. PSQ
  3. OTQ
  4. QTS
Find the pattern followed by the respective letters of the terms.
Description: 25245.png
By following the shown pattern, the first and third letters of the missing term are P and Q, respectively. Observe that the second letter of each term is a vowel. The next vowel U should be the second letter of the missing term. Hence, the missing term is PUQ.
Answer: (1)
M W F S T T ___.
  1. V
  2. X
  3. S
  4. M
This is a tricky question. Each term of the given series is the first letter of alternate days in a week.
M: Monday; W: Wednesday; F: Friday; S: Sunday; T: Tuesday; T: Thursday.
So, the next letter should be S, which is the first letter of Saturday.
Answer: (3)

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