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Letter and Number Coding

The process of converting a plain language message into its coded form which is not understood by a normal person is called coding. The process of getting back the plain message from the coded message is called as decoding or deciphering. Codes are mostly used for transmitting secret messages from one place to another, especially in defence services. Thus, the main purpose of coding is to maintain secrecy. Apart from maintaining the secrecy, codes are sometimes used for convenience also. Postal pin codes, bar codes, traffic signals, shorthand symbols, etc., are some of the examples for the second category. Different techniques are adapted in the process of coding. Letter and number coding is one such method.
In letter and number coding, each letter of a word is replaced by some other letter or number by applying some pattern or rule. In some problems, the letters of the given word themselves are jumbled in the code. Our work is to identify the pattern adapted for coding the given word. In problems on Letter and Number coding, one word and its code are given. We are asked to find the code of another word. We are required to analyse the code of the given word and identify the technique adapted in the process of coding. By applying the same technique, we should find the code of another given word.

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