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Letter Analogy

Problems on letter analogy are similar to the problems on number analogy which we have already studied.

Normally, three groups of letters and one blank (or question mark) are given in the problems. The group of letters is referred to as terms. The blank (or the question mark) in the problem represents the missing term. The missing term can be either on the RHS or on the LHS of the symbol ‘ = ’. The relation between the two terms on the RHS of the symbol ‘ = ’ should always be similar to the relation between the two terms on the LHS of the symbol ‘ = ’. Students are required to analyse the pattern of letters in the two terms on one side and find out as to how they are mutually related. Same rule/pattern should be applied to find the missing term.

Some problems may contain two missing terms. Such problems can be solved by trial and error method as explained in one of the worked examples.

Some authors use the symbol ‘: :’, instead of the symbol ‘ = ’ in analogy problems.

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