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Municipal Corporation

The cities with a population of one lakh and above can have a Municipal Corporation. The elections are held on the basis of Universal Adult Franchise through secret ballot.

A Municipal Corporation comprises the following—

  1. General Council
  2. The Mayor
  3. The Standing Committee
  4. A Municipal Commissioner

Functions of the Municipal Corporation

  1. Provision of electricity, water, sewage and disposal
  2. Provision of public health services
  3. Provision of public utilities such as roads, buildings, bus shelters, etc.
  4. Maintenance of records of birth and deaths
  5. Preparation, publishing of annual report of the corporation, etc.


A Municipal Committee is set up for small towns. The Municipalities consist of a general body, Chairman/ President, and Chief Executive Officer.



  1. Maintenance of underground drainage, cleanliness, public gardens and playgrounds
  2. Maintenance of birth and death records
  3. Taking care of roads, street lights and sanitation
  4. Provide pure drinking water etc.

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