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Gram Panchayat

The members of the Gram Panchayat are elected by Gram Sabha. Sarpanch is the head of the Gram Panchayat. The Grama Panchayat has an executive called the Secretary, who is appointed by the State Government.


Functions of Gram Panchayat

  1. Taking care of health and sanitation of the village.
  2. Providing pure drinking water, drainage and street light.
  3. Registration of births and deaths.
  4. Maintaining record of common village property, its sale and purchase, land grants, etc.
  5. Establishing fair price shops, cooperative credit societies, etc.
  6. Nyaya Panchayats ensure quick and inexpensive justice to villagers, etc.

Source of Income

  1. Income derived from common village lands
  2. Rent from buildings, shops, land
  3. Grants-in-aid from the State Government

Taluk Panchayath

Taluk Panchayath consists of sarpanchs of all Gram Panchayats, members of Legislative Assembly, members of the parliament belonging to the area and Block Development Officer.


Functions of Taluk Panchayat

  1. To act as a link between Gram Panchayat and Zilla Panchayat
  2. To supervise and coordinate the working of Gram Panchayats
  3. Look after rural health
  4. Encourage collage industries and rural housing
  5. Promote primary, higher and technical education
  6. To prepare income and expenditure statement of the Taluk

Source of Income

  1. Grants from the Union and State Governments
  2. Contributions from Gram Panchayats
  3. Share of land revenue and taxes levied by the Samiti
  4. Sale and renting of property under the charge of Taluk Panchayat

Zilla Panchayat

Zilla Panchayat consists of presidents of Taluk Panchayats, members of Parliament and Legislative Assembly and the Deputy Commissioner of the District.



  1. Overseeing the all-round development of district
  2. To distribute development grants, received from the State Government
  3. To report and inform the State Government from time to time, about the progress of development activities of Panchayats
  4. To examine the budget passed by the Taluk Panchayats and make necessary direction to Taluk Panchayats, etc.

Source of Income

  1. Grants from Union and State Governments
  2. Contribution from Taluk Panchayats
  3. Impose small taxes, e.g. land cess
  4. Sale and renting of property, etc.

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