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Poles Of A Magnet

Take a bar magnet and roll it on iron filings. You will find that iron filings are attracted more towards the ends of the magnet than in the middle (Figure).
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Iron Filings get Attracted More at the Ends of the Magnet
Attraction will be maximum at the free ends of the magnet. The free ends of a magnet where the attraction is maximum are called the poles of a magnet. Every magnet has two poles—north pole and south pole.

Magnetic Poles Always Occur in Pairs

It is not possible to separate the two poles of a magnet. Whenever a bar magnet is broken into two pieces, each piece is a complete bar magnet in itself having an independent north and south pole. This can be checked by suspending each piece freely. It is found that they exhibit directive property.


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Magnetic Poles Always Exist in Pairs

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