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Matching Set of Numbers with Rules

We know what is meant by a number series. It is a set of numbers which follows a pattern or rule. We have already learnt about number series. In this chapter, we should identify the appropriate rule followed by a number series when several rules are given in the form of statements.
Five rules in the form of statements are given followed by five sets of numbers. Each set of numbers is formed according to one of the rules, but not in a specific order. We are required to analyse the set of numbers and identify the rule followed by each set of numbers. In other words, each set of numbers is to be matched with the appropriate rule it follows.
In some problems, all the five sets of numbers are derived from a single basic set of numbers by performing operations as suggested in the rules. Such basic set of numbers is called a set of magic numbers. It is also possible that in few of the problems, only some sets out of the given five sets of numbers are derived from the set of magic numbers. Further, it is not always necessary that a set of magic numbers should exist in all problems.

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