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China, like India, has a long history. China too attracted the European traders. The first conflict between China and England took place in the form of opium wars (1839–1842). China was defeated in these wars and was forced to grant different concessions. Other European countries too forced unequal treaties on China.

During 1912, there was a revolt against the Manchu rulers of China under the leadership of Dr Sun Yat Sen. A republic was formed under his leadership. But it was short-lived. During World War I, China was on the side of England and fought along the side of Japan. China was attacked by Japan during the interwar period. At this time, Chiang Kaishek’s Quomintang Party forged national unity to face Japan. Chinese Communist Party under Mao Tse Tung formed a republic in South China. But when Japan invaded Manchuria, Communists and Quomintang Party joined hands to fight against Japan. After the war, the communist party established its power in China.

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