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Motion in Two Dimensions

Motion of a carom-pawn, car on the road and a sliding box are certain examples of motion of a particle along a straight line.
Motion along a straight line is called linear motion. The motion of a particle will be along either Description: 56616.png, Description: 56626.png or Description: 56635.png axis in the coordinate system with only variable, either x, y or z. Even motion along Description: 56645.png can be considered a linear motion in one dimension since only one value, namely the position on the line Description: 59594.png is sufficient to describe its motion (Figure 4.1).
Description: 58026.png
Figure 4.1 One-dimensional Motion
Motion of a particle along a curved path in a plane is two-dimensional motion. Here, the motion can be described only with two variables of the coordinate system. The plane of motion may be either XY, YZ or XZ as in Figure 4.2. A single variable X or Y or Z is not sufficient to describe its motion.
Description: Description: 58066.png
Figure 4.2 Two-dimensional Motion
Examples of two-dimensional motion are
  1. circular motion and
  2. projectile motion.

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