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  1. About 80,000 species of wild animals, birds and fishes are found in India.
  2. Rare animals found especially in India are neelgai, Kashmir stag, swamp deer, chausinga, spotted deer and one-horned rhinoceros.
  3. Carnivores such as lions, tigers, leopards are found in Indian forests. Gir forest in Saurashtra (Gujarat) is famous for lions. The Royal Bengal tigers are found in the mangrove swamps of the Sundarbans.
  4. India’s national animal is the tiger.
  5. Various species of monkeys are common.
  6. Snow leopard, yaks, mountain goats and panda are famous in the Himalayas.
  7. Peacock is India’s national bird.
  8. Variety of birds such as geese, pigeons, hornbills, sunbirds, Kingfishers and hawk are commonly found in India.
  9. To preserve the endangered wildlife, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries have been opened.
  10. 73 national parks, 447 wildlife sanctuaries and 17 tiger reserves are there in India.
  11. Karnataka has the Bandipur, Nagarhole and Bannerghatta National Parks. These are places of tourist interest.
  12. Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act was implemented in 1972.

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