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Number Series

A number series is a collection of numbers which follow a particular pattern or rule. The pattern followed by the numbers in the series remains same throughout. Each number in a number series is called a term.

In problems, a number series is given with one or two terms missing therein. The missing term can be at the end or in the middle or even at the beginning of the series. The missing term is normally indicated by a blank or by a question mark. Students are required to identify the pattern followed by the terms in the series and find the missing number. Since the pattern followed by each series is different, it is not possible to give a general formula or a technique to solve the problems. Students should observe the terms in the series carefully and find out the pattern followed. They should ensure that the pattern identified by them holds throughout the series. Finally, they should apply the pattern and find the missing numbers. They are required to select the correct answer from the options given thereunder.

It is advisable that the students are familiar with squares and cubes of natural numbers, at least from 2 to 20. This makes the identification of pattern easy as well as fast. Further, students are required to practice more and more problems to gain speed.

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