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Worked Examples


Description: 37055.png


In the above figure, the circular sheet of paper is once folded vertically as in A, and in Figure B, the sheet is refolded along the line of symmetry so that all the quarter circles lie one above the other. Then, the cut is made in the shape of the triangle on the folded sheet (Figure C).

This sheet when completely unfolded will have triangles on each quarter as shown in figure (2).


Answer: (2)



Description: 37063.png


In figure A, the square sheet of paper is folded along its diagonal. In figure B, the paper is again folded to get the shape of inverted triangle.


In figure C, a square has been punched in the folded paper. Now the square will appear in each of the triangular quarters of the paper. Hence, when the paper is unfolded the four squares will appear as shown in figure (4) of the answer choices.


Answer: (4)

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