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The Print During 19th Century

With the introduction of compulsory education, children became an important category of readers. A children’s press, devoted to literature for children was set up in France in 1857. This press published new works as well as old fairy tales and folk tales.

The Grimm Brothers in Germany spent years compiling traditional folk tales gathered from peasants. Later it was edited and published as a collection in 1812. Rural folk tales thus acquired a new form. There was a growth in the number of woman writers, Penny Magazines especially meant for women were published. Novels became popular and the best known women novelists were Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, George Eliot, etc.

Lending libraries in England became instruments for educating white-collar workers, artisans and lower middle-class people. Workers during their leisure time wrote political tracts and autobiographies in large numbers.

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