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Food Security in India

Food security means availability, accessibility and affordability of food to all people at all times. Food security depends on the Public Distribution System (PDS). People who are prone to food insecurity are the landless people and traditional artisans, destitutes, casual labourers who are mostly employed in low-paying jobs and seasonal activities. Usually these people belong to economically backward states such as Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, West Bengal, etc. Social groups such as the tribal people and scheduled castes are prone to food insecurity and poverty.



Some of the terms have been discussed below.


Buffer Stock: It refers to the stock of food grain, namely, wheat and rice, procured by the government through Food Corporation of India (FCI).


Minimum Support Price: It is the price paid by the government to the farmers to buy their food grains which is announced before the sowing season. The FCI issues the food grain to the deficit areas and poor section of the people at the issue price, which is lower than the market price.


Fair Price Shops: These are the ration shops, through which the food procured by the FCI is distributed to the poor sections of the society in the Public Distribution System.


Subsidy: The government pays ‘subsidy’ to the producers to supplement the market price of a commodity, so that consumer prices are kept low. This enables the poorer sections to obtain commodities at a relatively lower price than the market price. However, a high level of buffer stock leads to wastage and deterioration of the quality of food grains and incurs a higher cost for storage and maintenance.


Seasonal Hunger: It exists when a person does not find employment throughout the entire year, and hence cannot get proper food.


Chronic Hunger: In case the diet is not adequate in terms of quality and quantity throughout the year due to poverty and inadequate capability to get food, it is called chronic hunger.


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