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Great Britain

In the case of Great Britain, the creation of a nation state was not because of revolution. The British Isles such as English, Welsh, Irish or Scot had their own cultural and political traditions. The English nation grew in power and influenced the other nations of the island.

The English Parliament seized power from the monarch in 1688; this led to the formation of nation-state. The Act of Union in 1707 resulted in the formation of United Kingdom of Britain which comprised Scotland and England.

The Scottish/Irish suffered under the British dominance. The English helped the Protestants of Ireland to establish their dominance over a largely Catholic country. Revolts broke out but were easily controlled by the British. After the failed revolt by Wolfe Tone and his united Irishmen (1798), Ireland was forcibly forged with United Kingdom in 1801.

A new British nation was created and English culture was propagated. New British symbols such as the British flag (Union Jack), the national anthem (God Save Our Noble King), the English language were promoted. The older nations merely became subordinates to this union.

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