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You need to approach SA questions simultaneously from two directions.
  1. Using the various tips that have been discussed earlier in the chapter, you should first try and identify the starting and/or the concluding sentence, or a link that makes it essential for two sentences to be together in the logical sequence.
  2. As soon as you have the first such clue, you should try and see if some or all the wrong options can be eliminated using that clue.
If you now have a shorter list of options, you try and find clues within the jumbled up sentences that would again help you eliminate the remaining wrong options. Therefore, the optimal way to proceed while solving SA questions would require you to switch between identifying links between sentences and eliminating wrong options.
The number of times that you would have to switch would depend on the complexity of the questions or the proximity of the choices. But almost in all the cases, an effective use of the given choices will shorten the time required to reach the correct answer. Do keep in mind that you would be required to read all the sentences thoroughly in extremely rare cases. So, use the tips that we have discussed, make use of the given options and practice SA questions extensively to turn this into one of your strong areas!

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