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Four or Five Sentences

This type of questions does not have the first and last sentences as fixed (given)—that means the starting and ending sentences are not obvious. Unlike in the previous type of SA questions, where the starting and concluding sentences of the sequence provided useful clues as to which sentence should be first or last in a set of the jumbled-up sentences, you do not have any easy starting point here. Therefore, it is slightly more difficult to rearrange the set of four or five sentences in a logical sequence.
However, you can still effectively use quick clues such as pronouns, conjunctions, etc. as in the previous type of SA questions, and eliminate atleast a few of the incorrect options from the given ones. While the starting and ending sentences in this type of questions are not given, you can keep in mind that a sentence starting with a pronoun or a conjunction is unlikely to be the first sentence of the sequence. Also, a sentence using an article such as the may not be the first sentence of the sequence.
A. The car had already failed to deliver under test conditions.
B. Ciat’s latest model, Peliyo, was doomed to be a failure right from the outset.
C. And the luxury segment of the car market was not responding to any new entrants.
D. The simultaneous launch of a cheaper Estelle model that targeted the same audience as the Peliyo was the final nail in the coffin.
  1. BACD
  2. DBAC
  3. ABCD
  4. CABD
Sentence C is not the first sentence as it begins with an ‘and’ about a context that is being discussed in the other sentences. In this instance, ‘the car’ that sentence A refers to is the Peliyo that has been introduced in sentence B. And therefore, sentence A must come after sentence B in the sequence. This eliminates options C and D. In options (A) and (B), sentence A follows sentence B. However, taking a closer look at options (A) and (B), you need to examine sentences B and D as the potential starting sentences. B is the starting sentence as it introduces Peliyo, which is then compared with a cheaper Estelle model in sentence D. The use of the words ‘doomed for failure right from the outset’ in sentence B and ‘the final nail in the coffin’ in sentence D also suggest that B is the starting sentence while D is the concluding sentence of the sequence.
You can also identify a logical link making it mandatory for a pair of sentences (not necessarily including the starting or the concluding sentence) to come together in the sequence of sentences. This again will help you eliminate atleast some of the wrong choices.
A. This is prime lion country.
B. Late February in Kuno Sanctuary, the world is all sunshine, crisp air and flowering trees.
C. But in the 1980s, lions vanished from this open, rugged scrubland along the Vindhyas.
D. Today, in an ambitious conservation step, work is on here at a frantic pace to bring back the Lord of the Jungle.
  1. ABCD
  2. BACD
  3. ADCB
  4. CABD
The choice here is among A, B or D as the first sentence. Sentence C is ruled out—it starts with ‘But’. The ‘but’ in the sentence C implies that the idea in this sentence is to the contrary of what is being said in the immediately preceding sentence. Reading carefully, it is clear that A and C are closely related and sentence C follows sentence A. Therefore A-C must appear together in order, in the sequence. Option (B) is the only option that has A-C together, with C following A. Therefore, option (B) is the correct option. You may also verify that the sequence B-A-C-D makes logical sense.

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