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Sentence Arrangements

This chapter deals with a very important type of questions in entrance examinations—Sentence Arrangements (SA). Also referred to as Para-Jumbles, SA questions test your familiarity and comfort level with the fundamentals of practical English usage. In these questions you quickly need to understand the context of the set of sentences, pick out the links between the sentences, and identify the structure or the order in which these sentences would form a logical flow of thought in the given context. Here one is looking for a sentence that relates to the theme as a whole and not only to the preceding/succeeding sentence.
The ability to pick out links between sentences quickly can be developed by following some basic principles that are discussed later in this chapter. Of course, there is no substitute for practice and practicing SA questions with sets of sentences from diverse topics and fields and with varying number of obvious links between consecutive sentences is the sole way to master this type of questions.
SA questions take more time on the average than most other types of questions in English. However, the extra time spent on these questions usually turns out to be a good investment because unlike most other types of questions that are directly related to your vocabulary, these questions offer a chance for you to achieve very high accuracy regardless of the depth of your vocabulary. These questions don’t presuppose any conceptual learning apart from your ability to understand basic English. Some variants of the SA questions are discussed below; however, the essentials required to crack all types of SA questions remain the same.

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