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Worked Examples




The distance of 900 km by road between Bombay and Jafra will be reduced to 280 km by sea. This will lead to a saving of ` 7.92 crores per annum on fuel.



I Transportation by sea is cheaper than by road.


II Fuel must be saved to the greatest extent.


From the statement, it implies that the sea transportation is cheaper than road transportation only in respect of route between Bombay and Jafra. We cannot generalise that sea transportation is cheaper in all the cases.


So, conclusion I does not follow.


The statement is, however, stressing on saving the fuel.


Answer: Only conclusion II follows.





Good voice is a natural gift but one has to keep practising to improve and excel well in the field of music.



I Natural gifts needs nurturing and care.


II Even though your voice is not good, one can keep practising.


According to the statement, practising is very essential to improve the performance in the field of music, though one has natural gift of good voice. This clearly implies that natural gifts need nurturing and care.


So, conclusion I follows.


Statement is not telling anything about the one who does not have good voice.


Hence, conclusion II does not follow.


Answer: Only conclusion I follows.





Water supply in wards A–D of the city will be affected by about 25% on Friday because repairing work of the main lines is to be carried out.



I The residents in these wards should economise water on Friday.


II The residents in these wards should store water on the previous day.


The statement above is the information given to the residents in advance, so as to minimise their inconvenience. Since water supply is going to be affected, the residents should economise their water consumption on that particular day and they should store sufficient water on the previous day itself.


Answer: Both conclusions I and II follow.




Education is in the ‘concurrent list’ and therefore states are unable to reform the education quickly without the consent of the central government.



I State and central governments are not keen to reform education.


II ‘Education’ should be an exclusively state subject if quick reform required.


The statement is evidencing the reason for the delay in reforming education. Nowhere it is stated that the central and the state governments are not keen to reform education.


So, conclusion I does not follow.


The statement does not imply anything about the remedial measures to overcome this delay. Hence, conclusion II also does not follow from the given statement.


Answer: None of the statements I and II follows.



The dissimilarities between the problems of rural and urban development stand out clearly when we compare the attitude of government towards these two fields.




I Government has more favourable attitude towards rural development than urban development.


II Government has more favourable attitude towards urban development than rural development.


From the statement, it is clear that the attitude of government towards rural development and urban development is not uniform. However, the statement does not specify to which sector the government has more favourable attitude.


Answer: Either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.

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