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Introduction to Work, Power and Energy

In the day-to-day parlance, the word ‘work’ refers to any kind of physical and mental activity.
For example, let us consider that we are sitting on the chair and studying for the examination, we feel we are working because of the feeling of fatigue.
But, as per the laws of physics we have not done any work. Physics deals only with the
physical work as opposed to the mental work. The word ‘work’ has a precise meaning. Work is said to be done only when a force produces motion. Both the quantities, force and displacement, are necessary to define work. Some examples of work being done are pulling a table across a room, cycling, pushing a stalled car off the road, etc. However, if you are holding a bag at a constant height, then according to physics, you are not doing any work on the bag. Because, even though you are applying a upward force against gravity to hold the bag and straining your hands, the displacement is zero.

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