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FIPB Approvals
In sectors which are not under the automatic route, receiving foreign investment requires approval from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB). For example, investment in internet service providers, courier services, satellites, print media, private security agenciesand banking requires approval of the FIPB.

FDI approvals are issued at meetings of the FIPB, which are held once every two months. FIPB has the discretion to approve, reject or defer the application in its meeting. Decisions are typically deferred when a clarification from another regulator or ministry is pending.

All recommendations of FIBP on proposed FDI with inflow of more than INR 2000 crores
will be placedbefore cabinet commitee on Economic afairs (CCFA) for consideration.

The results of the FIPB applications are now available online by checking on FIPB’s website. Important links are shown on the screenshots below.

To find out about the agenda for future meetings and to refer to archives, refer to this link (screenshot below):


The FIPB publishes results of its applications in the following format:

Image: Excerpts from the 183rd meeting of the FIPB

Image: Excerpts from the 191st meeting of the FIPB on 18th June 2013
deferred and rejected proposals

Applications for FIPB approval can now be submitted online as well. Instructions for e-filing are available here. A checklist fora plain paper application for online approval is available here. More guidelines are available here.

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