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Design and rules of the business law diploma course

  • The course is designed in a certain way, to ensure that you make real and measurable progress in your career.
  • On its own, the course provides learning and skills. Your life cannot change appreciably and progress will not be noticeable with mere acquisition of learning and skills. Action is needed to cause a measurable and real difference in your life, your perspective and confidence levels.
  • An engagement plan has been created to invite you to take action. As per the plan, you will have the opportunity to apply learning from each module of the course in the context of your life or your future career ambitions. These exercises are provided at the end of each module.
  • A mentorship program has been created as a support structure for you to participate in and complete the exercises. You can interact with mentors keeping in mind the guidelines for interaction provided separately.
Core principles of the design
The course design is based on:
  • Enabling us to recognize the barriers we face and proceed towards our goals despite them.
  • Sharing your dreams, challenges and problems genuinely with others. Contrary to popular thought, sharing is not harmful and need not generate jealousy or ill-will. Sharing dreams reinforces their existence in our own minds and enables us to get insights from others that eventually drive us closer to recognizing the real challenges we face. Interestingly, when others relate to what you share and notice that you are really onto something, there will be a shift in their listening and perception towards you. This is the starting point of building authority and influence. Notice how others gravitate towards you as a solution provider when others relate to you like this.  It may also inspire them to take action.
  • Taking action such as writing, taking interviews, conducting research, etc. at various points in time in connection with your career or the modules of the course. Taking consistent action alone leads to real and measurable progress in our career. This is the only key to success.
Outcome of the course
Those who follow the design of the course and take action will be left with:
  • Writing skills of such nature that your work connects with the common man, potential clients as well as experts with relative ease.
  • Increase in exposure and capability to handle real life situations
  • Increase in knowledge and skill far beyond that which is directly imparted in the course (to expert level mastery).
  • Ability to develop authority and expertise in any new area of law that you choose without having formal training
  • Improvement in self-confidence
  • Development of a professional network of your own which you can leverage in future
  • Opening up of new job and internship opportunities
  • Ability to have meaningful conversations with industry experts even if they have far more experience than you and to evoke a feeling that you are sincere, knowledgeable and understand how work is done. People will take you seriously as a professional.
  • Capability to persuade and influence others.
  • Ability to build or leverage your network powerfully.
  • Sound writing skills, where you are in a position to write crisp, clear and persuasive articles.
Obstacles that may come in your way when you take action:
  • Friends/ people will mock you and disbelieve you. They will be cynical and point out valid areas /disadvantages in your life.
  • You may feel disconnected by these concerns – Why should I really do this? Will it really make a difference? Do I really need to do this?
  • You will be afraid that friends/ people will be jealous of you or compete with you.
  • You may be cynical that if you share things with people, it will not happen in reality.
  • You may feel that it is not good to share ambitions with friends / people.
  • You may fail sometimes. That will introduce conversation threads about failure / being a loser / being sad in your own mind.
  • You may feel that you don’t have enough time.
What can you do about the obstacles?
  • Just take action consistently and follow the design.
  • Note that we do not intend to regulate or moderate your studies. However, for maximum results, you are strongly advised to participate in the course fully.
  • Engagement exercises allow enough room to apply the learning from the course in your current life, and we do not believe that performing them will lead to an appreciable increase in your time commitments towards the course.
Notice how others gravitate towards you as a solution provider or a leader over a period of time. This marks the beginning of your role as a consultant / professional / strategic manager, and a situation.

Our promise
We are committed to ensuring that the course contributes in moving you towards a dream career in business laws. For our promise to work, we request you to observe the rules below.

Your agreement
  • You agree to pursue the course as per its design and perform all the engagement exercises diligently.
  • You will keep us updated about career-related developments over the duration of the course.
  • You will not give up on your career-related dreams at least for the duration of the course.
  • You will approach mentors or iPleaders faculty if you are facing difficulties, or even if you are not getting time to study.
  • You will not give up in the event of failure.

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