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Functional differences between Limited Liability Partnership and Private Limited Company
Imagine you are planning to start a new business – which business entity should you choose? Should it be a proprietorship, partnership, a company or the newly popular LLP?
The comparison between proprietorships, partnerships and companies is relatively clear, but one is likely to get stuck while evaluating an LLP vis-à-vis a company.
Each of the three structures has many variations which come with their own benefits and drawbacks. Which form is chosen by an individual business ultimately depends on the characteristics and needs of the business.

For anyone wishing to start a business of their own, the primary issue of the greatest importance is the legal structure they wish to choose for the business. Broadly there are 3 types of legal structures that can be chosen when one wishes to start their business - Self proprietorships, Partnerships or Companies. This chapter explains the differences between an LLP and private limited company, and can be used as a handy guide for decision-making while planning how to structure a new business.

Click here to download the chapter, which will help to identify the functional differences between an LLP and a Private Limited Company.

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