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Laws applicable to shops and offices - Shops & Establishment Acts

Apart from factories, every shop and commercial establishment (including hospitals, BPOs, clinics, datacenters, back offices, banks, offices, movies, hotels, guest houses – almost any place where some sort of commercial activity or a part of such activity is taking place) require to register under this Act with state authorities. In a few cities, including Kolkata, one is required to take a trade license under local municipal law instead of a certificate of registration under Shops and Establishments Act. It is a very important statute from the point of view of working conditions in shops and commercial establishments. This is one of the rare labour statutes which manage to have an effect on a large portion of the unorganized business sector.

Every state has a different local statute for this purpose, so minor details vary and one should check the specific state law before coming to conclusions. However, the following is a list of compliances which is applicable to all states (there may be minor exceptions):

* Inspection Book

* Annual Return – Form – G

*Opening hours, closing hours, interval for rest, weekly holiday

* Provisions of leave & payment of wages, health & safety, termination of service

* Wages for overtime work

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