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Which SMEs are eligible for benefits under the SME Procurement Policy?

Micro and small enterprises which eligible for benefits must be registered with any of the following entities:

  • District Industries Centres under the MSMED Act (see module 4 for details of registration, or
  • Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Khadi and Village Industries Board or Coir Board,
  • Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom
  • National Small Industries Corporation – the NSIC operates a Single Point Registration Scheme formicro and small enterprises. Micro and small enterprises registered with the NSIC are eligible for an additional benefit, over and above the benefits under the SME Procurement Policy – they are exempt from payment of an earnest money deposit while submitting bids, and from payment of tender fees.
In order to obtain registration under the scheme, micro and small enterprises registered under the MSMED Act must submit the registration form (available on the link below) with requisite documents to the zonal office of the NSIC (the list of zonal offices is also provided at the end of the form on the following link): 

Several documents such as constitutional document of the bidder, resolutions, documents establishing ownership of plant and machinery and other materials are required to be submitted with the form.

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