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Mentorship Program Guidelines
  1. We have created a mentorship system so that you can obtain career guidance on real-life problems from practitioners in key practice areas of varying experience.  Mentors may be able to guide you on the monthly assignments, career-related questions or a legal problem that you are trying to apply in your life.
  2. Your interactions with the mentors will be most beneficial for both if your questions, queries and doubts to be asked to the mentors follow these guidelines. 
  3. To start with, feel free to approach mentors over email. Where you intend to have a telephonic conversation, please schedule it in advance, based on the mentor’s convenience and availability. Please copy iPleaders team on startup@ipleaders.in on all emails you send to mentors.
  4. We expect you to understand that mentors are there for providing guidance wherever possible but not spoon-feeding. They are busy people and will try to help within their free time. Do not expect them to provide you detailed written answers or to do research for you. Law can be quite technical - you can approach them for direction or ideas on what strategy to use. Getting the answer directly need not be the objective.
  5. Keep your questions specific. You should have at least put in some effort on your side before you ask for help. Your question should explain where you are getting stuck and the problem you are facing specifically.
  6. Mentors do not expect students to know everything, but students should nonetheless make sure that some background research on the problem has been conducted prior to initiating communication. Background research helps make the question more specific.
  7. Know in advance from your mentor as to when they could be free next to take the call from you.
  8. Feel free to provide help to mentors on areas where they need help – e.g. legal research, support, ability to use new tools and technology in their work, etc. That will enable you to build a stronger network and a more fruitful relationship. 
  9. While mentors will be there to help you, we expect students to refrain from badgering mentors or continuously requesting them for internships or jobs. Use this mentorship program for self-learning and improving your practical knowledge.
  10. Interact at least twice a month with your mentor, sharing where you stand in life. This will also keep you keenly aware of where your career is headed and whether you are making progress.
  11. Don’t feel offended and don’t give up, if your mentor has been too busy or is unable to give you time. Mentors have busy lives, and it means nothing if a mentor is unavailable. However, that need not adversely impact your career. There is no need to lose hope in the mentorship program, give up or be upset with your mentor - just recognize the situation and reschedule.

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