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Illustrative activities for which foreign contribution can be obtained

(as per Ministry of Home Affairs, see here)

1. Religious

  • Celebrations of religious functions/festivals etc.
  • Construction/repair/maintenance of places of worship, religious schools.
  • Education of priests and preachers; (dissemination of the message of good will etc. from their holy books).
  • Publication and distribution of religious books/ literature.
  • Maintenance of priests / preachers / other religious functionaries.
  • Any other activities related to the above.

2. Educational

  • Construction and maintenance of school/college.
  • Construction and running of hostel for poor students.
  • Grant of stipend/Scholarship/assistance in cash and kind to poor/deserving children.
  • Purchase and supply of educational material-books, notebooks etc.
  • Conducting adult literacy programs.
  • Conducting Research.
  • Education/Schools for the mentally challenged.
  • Non-formal education projects/coaching classes.
  • Any other activities related to the above.

3. Economic

Following activities (Not being commercial or profit making activities)

  • Micro-finance projects, including setting up banking co-operative and self-help groups.
  • Self-sustaining income generation projects/Schemes.
  • Agricultural activity.
  • Rural Development.
  • Animal husbandry projects.
  • Setting up and running handicraft centre/cottage and khadi industry/social forestry projects.
  • Vocational training, tailoring, motor repairs, computers etc.
  • Any other activities related to the above, not being commercial activities.

4. Social

  • Construction/Running of Hospital/dispensary/clinic.
  • Construction of community halls etc.
  • Construction and Management of old age home.
  • Welfare of the aged widows.
  • Construction and Management of Orphanage.
  • Welfare of the orphans.
  • Construction and Management of dharamshala /shelter.
  • Holding of free medical/health/family welfare/immunisation camps.
  • Supply of free medicine, and medical aids, including hearing aids, visual aids, family planning aids etc.
  • Provision of aids such as tricycles, callipers etc. to the handicapped.
  • Treatment/Rehabilitation of drug addicts.
  • Welfare/Empowerment of women.
  • Welfare of children.
  • Provision of free clothing/food/to the poor. Needy and destitute.
  • Relief/Rehabilitation of victims of natural calamities.
  • Help to the victims of riots/other disturbances.
  • Digging of bore wells.
  • Sanitation including community toilets etc.
  • Awareness camp/Seminar/workshop/meeting/conference.
  • Providing free legal aid/Running legal aid centre.
  • Holding sports meet.
  • Awareness about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)/Treatment and rehabilitation of persons affected by AIDS.
  • Welfare of the physically and mentally challenged.
  • Welfare of the Schedules Castes.
  • Welfare of the Scheduled Tribes.
  • Welfare of the Backward Classes.
  • Environmental programs.
  • Survey for Socio-economic and other welfare programs.
  • Preservation & maintenance of Wild Life.
  • Preservation of Natural Resources.
  • Awareness against social evils.
  • Rehabilitation of victims of heinous crimes.
  • Rehabilitation of beggars, bootleggers, child labour etc.
  • Creating awareness of Government schemes & Law to general public.
  • Any other activities related to the above.

5. Cultural

  • Celebration of national events (Independence/Republic day/festivals.
  • Theatre/Films etc.
  • Maintenance of places of historical and cultural importance.
  • Preservation of ancient/tribal art forms.
  • Preservation & promotion of Cultural Heritage & Literature of India.
  • Cultural shows.
  • Any other activities related to the above.

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