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Step-wise and checklist to obtain a trade license in Bangalore

The process to obtain a trade license in Bangalore (required only for trades which are considered to have a bearing on public health) under the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act is as follows:

(The documents required in other states are usually similar - one can visit the respective websites of the local municipalities to find out the procedure for applying for a trade license in another city)

Step 1 – Procure and fill application form for trade license

The trader has to fill an ‘application form’ contained in a Handbook for Trade License[1]. This handbook can be obtainedfrom any of the range offices or citizen centers of the municipal corporation. Citizen centers are created by local municipal bodies for enabling residents of the city to avail services from the municipal corporation. A list of citizen centres in Bangalore can be obtained here.

Step 2 – Obtain necessary consents and licenses (to be filed along with the trade license)

If the applicant is a tenant of a property, he will need to file the owner's consent (for use of the property for the proposed commercial activity) on a plain paper or letterhead. The owner has to file a copy of the latest receipt showing payment of property tax (in his name) as a document indicating ownership.

If the trade falls under residential zone of the zonal regulation and if such trade is permitted in residential zone, then the applicant has to obtain immediate neighbour's consent on plain paper.

The applicant is also required to file a layout plan of the trade premises showing the business/working/washing/resting/toilet areas etc.

If the applicant is using motive power[2]  then a power license is also required.

Step 3 –File the form and the documents with the necessary license fee

License fee as prescribed in the schedule has to be paid by a demand draft along with the application.

Step 4 – Inspection of premises and issue of license

On the date of filing the application itself the authorized officer will set the date of inspection of the trade premises. The maximum time set for inspection is set within 3 working days. The authorized officer will come for inspection with a checklist to verify if all compliances required for the trade are met.

After the trade premise is inspected and if found satisfactory, the trade license will be issued within 3 working days thereafter. If the inspecting authority has any objection he will issue an endorsement to correct the defects. Once the defects are corrected satisfactorily, the trade license will be issued within 3 working days.


[1] Price of the Handbook is INR 50
[2] Energy, in the form of steam or electricity, used to drive machinery. It is different from electricity connection, for example, use of generators is allowed but when steam or electricity is being use to run any machinery like, printing press, etc then power license has to be obtained.

The material can be download here.

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