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Kinds of Adjectives


1. Descriptive adjectives show the quality of a person or thing. — India is a beautiful country.


2. Adjectives of quantity show the quantity of a thing. — He has little patience.


3. Adjectives of number show ‘how many’ persons or things — I have five children.

These adjectives may be of different kinds: One, two etc., first, second, all, no, many, few, some, any, certain, several, sundry, each, every, either, neither etc.


4. Demonstrative adjectives point out which person or thing using this, that, those, suchThis is my house. That tree is beautiful. This ball is Hari’s. Those girls are talkative.


5. Interrogative adjectives are used for asking questions using what, which, whoseWhose dress is this? What kind of dress do you want? Which boy are you talking of?


6. Emphasising adjectives are used for laying emphasis, such as own, very — This is the very colour I want. I have done it with my own hands.


7. Exclamatory adjectives are used for exclamations with a “!” mark. The adjective commonly used is “What” — What a bore! What folly! What a great blessing!


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