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Read Extensively

Reading is an essential skill. Much of the information that we collect comes from reading. Reading is a means of discovering facts and theories which we otherwise cannot verify directly.

A daily reading will hold you in good stead! You can add works of great authors who have won accolades, great theories and great thoughts in the above list.

While reading, the following questions must be kept in mind:

        (i)    What is the author saying?

        (ii)    A sense of urgency

        (iii)   Having a dialogue with the author in one’s mind.

These aims are achieved by starting with the newspaper. Unguided students waste time reading headlines or the sports and gossip pages, which do not add anything to one’s personality. Views expressed on the editorial page must be read, whether they are in the form of lead articles or editorials. By this focused approach, one saves time and also one gets to know what people are writing about. A dialogue with oneself ensures understanding.

As you begin to read every day, you will find that the central idea can be understood in less and less time. Your eyes will start moving along the words at a faster pace. Your mind will anticipate the next words without reading them. Such a technique will undoubtedly help you in the examination.


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